• DFW Academy Cannabis Science Texas
  • DFW Academy Cannabis Science Texas
  • DFW Academy Cannabis Science Texas
  • DFW Academy Cannabis Science Texas

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At the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science in Texas, our mission is to educate, advocate and communicate. We provide a variety of classes and opportunities for internships, job placement, entrepreneurs and cannabis industry networking. We are looking for all future professionals, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to get their start in this amazing industry.

We aim to supply the necessary professional training, education platform and various other services to those who want to take the lead in the different aspects of the cannabis industry. Our courses are structured in the areas of agriculture, science, legal and the medicinal effects on the human body which medical cannabis, hemp and CBD encompasses.

Class Subjects / Content:

  • Comprehensive Hemp & Cannabis Course

  • Hemp Deep Dive & Farming

  • Legal Aspects (Business & Criminal)

  • Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

  • Cannabinoids, CBD & Terpenes

  • Cultivation & Dispensaries

  • Advocacy & Legislation

  • Manufacturers Tour

  • Industry Consulting

** Now Offering Online Remote Accessibility

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12 years breaking the stigmas of medicinal cannabis with the most powerful tool:  education.


Participate in our medical cannabis courses and become a pioneer in the fastest growing industry in the world.


We currently operate out of Dallas, Texas.