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Hemp & Cannabis Education

Founded in 2018, the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is a source for live, streaming and online classrooms for students, business owners, professionals and the general public in Texas and surrounding states. With over 200 alumni (and growing) from our hemp and cannabis certification courses and other class curriculum, many have found their path into the industry and a new way of life.

We are currently running a live streaming classes and a new classroom location is coming in Fall of 2021. Students have come far and wide from Austin, San Antonio, Houston and other states to participate in our classes. We also offer a self-paced online platform class option to work around any schedule. All classes are recorded, provided with weekly Q&A calls and other bonus sessions.

We strive to continue evolving our education platform. Each course receives regular content updates available for 365 days on our online education portal. In addition, each course provides an option for certification for those looking to enter or expand their place within the industry.

Why is Hemp & Cannabis Education Important?

Hemp and cannabis have now gone mainstream. Lets just call this history repeating itself. More people today are willing to accept and talk about both but with different perspectives. We are here to clear the stigmas and old propaganda.

The United States has already been evaluating both hemp and cannabis which was farmed when the country was founded as well being a part of medicine long before the prohibition period. With the 2018 Farm Bill, many states have already or are now moving into hemp and cannabis (medical marijuana) farming. However, medicinal marijuana (or cannabis) policies are moving at a slower pace due to lack of "accredited" research or so what research is being accepted by politicians.

Below is a current map of state level programs that indicate legal recreational use, medical use only, non-THC use only or that do not have any legislative update.

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How can hemp or cannabis help you?

While many people are just now learning about the health benefits of CBD and THC for various ailments, many other cannabinoids (part of the plant) that hemp and cannabis produce have still yet to be to fully researched. This means more change to businesses, industries and the general public that will span and intertwine across several industries.

The United States is ramping up hemp and cannabis farming not just for CBD products and medical marijuana dispensaries, but for uses like biofuel, clothing, construction materials and more. There will be a surge of new jobs and business opportunities across many states and internationally as industry leaders transition their current business model.

The DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is dedicated to bringing resources to people and business alike that is impactful to their future and the state of a growing industry.