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Academy Mission

Our mission at the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is to change the stigma through education.

Our Vision

Transform the hemp and cannabis industry by empowering people through education and grow our innovative education platform to provide certification courses, custom education solutions for businesses and create internships and job placement programs.

Statement from the DFW Academy of cannabis Science

The generations of fear, propaganda and bad laws have misinformed the public. The hemp and cannabis industry is not full of just stoners and drug dealers. It's important to understand the value of education and how everyone will each play a key role within the hemp industrial revolution.

A look back into history and you will see our country was founded on hemp and cannabis as a daily form of life. In fact, today, many top professionals, executives, professional athletes and all the way down to regular people have evolved to utilizing medicinal cannabis or hemp derived products to manage daily health and well-being.

We see changes everyday within business, various forms of education, medical community, veterans and so many other groups of people that are now beginning to question the political fabric of the country and where big business and government has taken a hold of OUR choices.

We hope to inspire you to become your own advocate and make a difference in a booming and important industry.