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Plant Medicine /
Health Management

Learn how cannabis science is reshaping the medical community and how internal health management is shifting to personalized care. Our courses deep dive into key attributes of how both hemp and cannabis can be used for medical treatment, daily lifestyle and caregiving.

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Growing &
Plant Lifecycle

Learn about various growing methods, agriculture practices and plant lifecycle management in our Cultivation course segments. Get the key aspects for any grow operation and what to do during growing stages from seed to harvest.

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Edibles & Infusing

Learn about extraction methods and how to best infusing your foods, snacks and other dietary items. Get insight on how to prepare, make and manufacture your own infused products. We cover how to ensure you measure and create the right dosage.

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Industrial Hemp & The Future

We are seeing the rebirth of an industrial revolution around hemp. With the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp farming is on the rise. However, hemp is not just about producing CBD products. Industrial hemp historically has served past civilizations with clothing, ropes, tools, building materials and many other daily and essential needs. Learn more about hemp and it's long term impact on the environment.

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Laws & Regulations

With any evolving industry comes new laws, regulations and other compliance initiatives a business is required to follow. Learn how the history of prohibition is still alive today and what changes are rebuilding this industry. See the many layers of government organizations that continue to suppress and manipulate market segments.

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Professional Certification

Our Education Platform is constructed of various options based on course or lesson segments.

Course Features:

  • Professional Certification

  • Business & Industry Focus

  • Lesson Recordings / Downloadable Presentations

Course Options:

  • Live class

  • Virtual class

  • Online & Self Paced

Online Education Portal:

  • 365 days access

  • Regular lesson updates

  • Exclusive content