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Licensed Esthetician with Skintelligence Texas

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  • Higher Education Texas Amanda Munson

Cannabis Educator & Founder of Higher Education Texas

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Amanda Hughes is a native Dallasite, 5th generation Texan, daughter of Law Enforcement, and a mother.  After 3 unnecessary surgeries, 5 doctors and numerous incorrect diagnoses she learned how to heal her body with cannabis, motivating her to spread the plant knowledge!  She is a passionate cannabis educator, patient and advocate. 


Amanda is also a Licensed Medical Esthetician, Cosmetic Chemistry instructor and spa owner.  She has serious intentions to develop a professional cannabis skincare line and is a panelist for CBD in Skincare for The International Congress for Esthetics and Spa. She was featured with other Texas advocates in national magazine, MJ Lifestyle.  She appears on multiple cannabis podcasts and blogs. She has her Medical Cannabis Science certification from the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science and is now an educator there. She is educator for Texans for Safe Access, a chapter of Americans for Safe Access. She is the founder of Higher Education Texas, an informative organization that teaches how cannabis works in the body, how patients can use it for medicine, how to talk to prohibitionists, and how to get involved reforming Texas policies.

Her Mission

My mission is to bring cannabis conversations to every home, medical office, church and school.  I intend to tear down the stigma, myths and fears around cannabis use.  It ain’t illegal to talk about it!  I aim to achieve this mission through educating on the plant, including the following:


  • Endocannabinoid System

  • Secondary components in cannabis

  • Cannabinoids & Terpenes

  • How to extract and infuse medicine

  • How we got, why we have and what are the cannabis laws and how to help change those laws.


I aspire to customize conversations by using different methods that will be relatable to specific audiences.  I do all of this to empower people to improve their health with knowledge, enlightenment, and practical information they can apply to their healing.  I do this also so that my child, and generations after, have more options for good health and they can thrive without any struggles for access, knowledge or freedom with this plant.