Celebrating National Hemp Month

It's official, July is a time to celebrate National Hemp Month! We saw this first being celebrating in 2019 and has been building steam. Originally created to help generate awareness to CBD and its benefits, retailers quickly embraced the new month holiday to further support the industry.

Hemp Industry Progressing

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, lots has changed within hemp derived CBD products and farming markets. New products, solutions and innovations are building a larger industry which will see a growing need for resources to meet the increasing supply chain demands. With the need for more jobs, also comes the need for more training and streamlined education solutions for an evolving workforce.

Hemp National Impacts

Everyone initially was introduced to cannabidiol (CBD) when the market hit center stage around health and wellness products. With the Farm Bill defining the difference between hemp and cannabis, this began to increase farming production across many states. This produced a need for more manufacturers, processors and labs to further justify the legitimacy of the industry on a national scale.

How National Media Exposure is Helping

Mainstream media was slow to embrace and keep up with the changes since the national Farm Bill began reshaping other laws. Much of the industry still wanted to consider hemp and medical marijuana (cannabis) within the same discussion, but lacking the knowledge to deal with the generational stigma caused by prohibition. Some lawmakers and other industry opponents continue to challenge the true benefits the hemp plant can provide.

However, over the past few years, we have seen the overall demands still increasing at a rapid rate and media outlets are changing their tone. Even social media channels are taking the reigns off sponsored and paid marketing campaigns to allow for businesses and other organizations to promote in traditional fashion for the hemp industry. While this doesn't mean everything is perfect and easy, this does start to show new progress. Advocacy groups and associations are playing a large part in these changes.

The Hemp Revolution is Here

Although each state is dealing with their own challenges and regulations, this hasn't stopped consumers and patients from creating a high demand for new health and other sustainable products. New innovations within the textiles and construction materials is seeing global expansion. Stay tuned for more on our celebrating National Hemp Month series.