Delta-8 THC Challenges During 87th Texas Legislative Session

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other forms of hemp products are a large topic of discussion during the 87th Texas Legislative session. Colorado is now banning delta-8 THC products from its dispensaries and Texas seems to be following suit with the same approach for its CBD marketplace. In Texas, consumable hemp derived CBD products and their health benefits are only just now more accepted. Since cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have the psychoactive effect, other consumers (or patients) still want the “mild high” that delta-8 THC can provide.

What is Delta-8 THC Exactly?

There are some considerations when understanding Delta-8 THC and its lack of research around the cannabinoid. It is known, however, that delta-8 does possess characteristics that create a psychoactive mild-high when consuming but not to the full degree that delta-9 THC provides. This does pose a risk for some consumers if they have additional anxiety or paranoia with THC, but could also be a potential medical solution to having a lower dosage of THC within the product.

Is Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC Safe?

To produce Delta-8 THC, the cannabinoid is found in hemp and cannabis and is synthesized with CBD isolate. CBD interacts with CB2 receptors to not have psychoactive effects while Delta-8 THC is much like Delta-9 THC and interacts with your CB1 receptors. Receptors interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that allow your body to process the cannabinoid(s) and receive its desired effects.

Where there are some areas of concern, sometimes these products are being made with bad or old CBD product materials. Then, they manipulate the product to form the delta-8 product using acetic acid which is commonly used to make photographic film, wood glue, synthetic fibers and fabrics. So, when buying anything related to delta-8 THC, ensure there is a viable trace of how the product was made and who manufactured it.

Texas 87th Legislative Session

Some say Texas will lose millions in revenue and taxes with this ban of delta-8 THC during the 87th Legislative Session. It seems this issue is clouding the bigger issue of good old-fashioned decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. While TCUP still looks to expand for more access, the bigger political fight will remain with delta-8 much like the smoke-able CBD flower ban of the last legislative session.

Even though the Legislative session is almost done, they still have the time and the responsibility to hear what you have to say. You can go to the Texas Legislature page keep you updated on what is going as far as voting. In addition, you find out who are your representatives and how to navigate some of the proceedings. Your voice is important to them, just remember to be respectful, informed, and passionate in your plea or testimony.

What’s Happening Across Other State Legislative Sessions

Alabama and Louisiana have or are working on expansion of their respective medical cannabis programs, including Louisiana wanting to include flower for its patients. Of course, a group of District Attorneys in one of the largest for-profit prison states is rallying against it using the propaganda from years ago claiming overdoses, rises in crime, homelessness, etc. will be the result. Oklahoma is voting on allowing out of state patients to access their program and get the medicine they need and want.

What do these states have in common? They listen to their people. Although, big special interest groups want to control how you and I live, they have a voice. Everyone can be part of the historic change.

Industry Education Call to Action

Much of change occurs from within for many reasons. The hemp and cannabis prohibition period is taking shape to be something of the past, but there are still hurdles to overcome. Many politicians have been led by traditional education models which also needs to be a thing of the past. Society needs to be in a state of positive change and a focus on removing corruption that has long plagued the country.

Our education courses take you through a journey of how history, business, science and technology are now reshaping the future state of the hemp and cannabis industry.

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