Pro Tip for Dallas County’s Cite and Release Marijuana Program

Due to ever changing laws and how they are enforced across Texas, it's important to always understand where you are at. In Texas, cities and counties enforce the law interpretation differently. It's not very fair or consistent, but that is the reality we have to face.

The Dallas County Cite and Release Program is pretty simple. The penalties for marijuana possession haven’t changed much at all. You could still face jail time and fines for possession of less than four ounces. What has changed is that police officers who caught you now can issue you a citation rather than hauling you off to jail immediately and towing your vehicle.

In 2019 and 2020, several counties are no longer issuing citations due to the inconsistency of law enforcement and the social backlash that has continued to grow. While there is still much to be done at the Texas Capital, progression within the Texas Compassionate Use Act (TCUP) will further justify the need for enforcement changes.

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