Sha'Carri Richardson Tested Positive for Marijuana Use for Tokyo Olympics

Sha'Carri Richardson Tests Positive for Marijuana Use Leading to Tokyo Olympics

Following the positive test for marijuana use, Sha'Carri Richardson issues an apology leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games. On the NBC's Today Show, Richardson states:

"I apologize. As much as I'm disappointed I know that when I step on the track I represent not only myself, I represent a community that has shown great support, great love ... I apologize for the fact that I didn't know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions during that time."

She is now banned for 30 days from competing in the Tokyo Olympics, but should be back for the 4x100 meter relay race.

Perspective on Marijuana Use & Reform in Sports

Sha'Carri explained that she knew the rules, but her use of marijuana was a coping mechanism after finding out her biological mother had died. Marijuana use for athletes and patients serves many uses for recovery and pain versus the need for an addictive opioid. For Richardson's scenario, this brings many questions up with why marijuana would be something that would effect her performance when utilized for a different reason.

It's obvious that there are still changes needed globally and world sports also need to consider and take note of major US professional sports starting to lift bans on marijuana use and testing requirements.

A Positive Attitude Toward the Tokyo Olympic Games

In spite of everything that has transpired, Richardson remained professional and knows this won't be only Olympic Games in her future. She will still have a chance to have a great showing for the United States Olympic Team.

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