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Welcome to the Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science page! I want to welcome you to my blog where I will discuss relevant cannabis happenings here in Texas, as well as across the country. Just like earth, our society never reaches a halt. Life itself is chaos from which beauty and abnormality are formed. This is why each of us must take time to reflect and choose what effect we will have on this wonderful chaos that is life; whether to form galaxies of opportunities or inert places ... but what does this reflection have to do with cannabis? The answer is very simple and you may recognize it by looking at social networks, news portals and press releases from world governments or advertising from companies in any economic sector.

... If you are still confused, I can give you a clue: MEDICAL CANNABIS HAS BEEN THE LARGEST MEDIA PHENOMENON OF THE LAST YEARS. The permanent presence of medical cannabis in media nowadays is not an isolated fact considering the changes that we are building as a society. We are stepping into a new phase due to this ideological, political, economic and pharmaceutical fight, so to speak, a new galaxy full of life. Let's look at particular cases that have caused the media to turn microphones, agendas, keyboards and cameras to marijuana advocates and critics from around the world:

US President Donald Trump has pledged to support laws that protect the cannabis industry in states in which it has been legalized. "Republican Senator, Cory Gardner of Colorado has been working to revert a decision announced in January by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions which removes the prohibitions that prevent federal authorities from initiating a process against people who embrace cannabis laws in states that, like Colorado, legalized its recreational use." Learn more at: https://dpo.st/2JMpvRI

Follow the contents of Alexis Bortell at: https://www.facebook.com/HealAlexis/On the other hand, one of the most shared contents in social media are those of medical and therapeutic cannabis products which help relief or counteract certain illnesses and diseases. An example of this is an article massively shared by women which presents the use of cannabis as a female lubricant. This article mentions, among other things, that “although there is no research that establishes a direct relationship between cannabis and the relief of sexual disorders, Ashley Manta, the director of the Cannasexual company, who organizes events to educate about sex and cannabis, maintains that marijuana is the only thing that has helped her get rid of the pain in bed ". You can read the full content at: https://bit.ly/2HA1QD8

In light of these and other news occurring around the world, I want to invite you to inform yourself every day. Medical cannabis is in its most decisive period, many years had to go by so that it could be written about in papers of governments around the whole world, what ancestrally was already known: it comes from the earth to heal.

Read, watch videos and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, which share and broadcast news about cannabis. Institutions like Pharmacology University, governments, companies and enthusiastic individuals are anxious to share all the knowledge about the positive uses and practices of cannabis...we know that the media is our best ally to reach you; Discover the universe of information and define your role in this continuous movement! Check my blogs and stay tuned for more information and hopefully I’ll get to meet you during our weekly courses of medicine, cultivation, oil extraction and the legal parameters of your local state cannabis laws.